The Winery

Currently crushing between 500 and 750 tonnes per year, the winery was designed and built with expansion in mind with sufficient room and infrastructure to allow the crush size to increase to 2,000 tonnes per year.The winery is state of the art with computers controlling the temperatures of the stainless steel tanks and fermenters to allow close and continuous monitoring of all of the individual ferments to ensure that the best possible results are consistently achieved year to year.The winery laboratory is also state of the art with modern titration equipment being used to reduce the possibility of errors when undertaking the chemical analysis, from juice, through ferments to finished wine.

Fully utilising the hillside location and modern vinification equipment, the winery is capable of efficient and gentle handling to respect the varietal characteristics of the grapes. Minimal winemaking handling techniques are employed on aromatic white varieties to enhance freshness and character. With red varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache, traditional winemaking practices are employed with open fermenters, gentle cap management, basket pressing and barrel aging to produce elegant, modern expressions of each variety.